Hello, My name is Claire Parsons, I am a qualified Yoga teacher and founder of INSPIRE HEALTH & WELL-BEING


I teach Yoga in the Cotswolds, where I have a beautiful garden space and yoga studio, called “THE YOGA BARN”.


I have been practicing yoga for the past 26 years and have used it to support and strengthen my once very weak lower spine and misaligned pelvis and to control my early bouts of depression.


I am also gluten, lactose and refined sugar free and have been for the past 9 years - since being diagnosed with a rare intestinal and bowel condition that also affects my blood.


As a follower of all things natural, I chose to go down the route of natural healing, as opposed to traditional medicines and it has completely changed my life for the better - to the astonishment of my doctor and medical practitioners.


Growing up, my life was very different to what it is today. I lived and loved the high life; where my feet barely touched the ground.


For almost 30 years, I worked in the Travel Industry. Initially in retail travel, I then moved to work for “The World’s Favourite Airline” where I landed my dream job as Worldwide Cabin Crew. This new role completely enriched my life, taking me across the globe and immersing me in different cultures, cuisine and fuelled my fascination of Eastern philosophy. 


I was later recruited as a Global Brand Ambassador which, in addition to my flying, continued to take me around the world, promoting a company that I loved. I attended celebrity film shoots, film festivals, US TV shows and red carpet events. The pinnacle of my career was being invited on two Royal Tours with Her Majesty The Queen and, His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh. We toured Australasia and the United States of America, where I was also invited to The White House.


This was my life and I loved it!


However, in 2020, Coronavirus changed the world and, in particular, the airline industry. Aircraft suddenly came to a halt and jobs were uncertain. Through lockdown I,  like everyone else, had time to slow down and re-set, taking time to look within and re-evaluate life.


It became clear to me that with all the changes that were happening, my flying career could be coming to an abrupt end and the universe was calling me in another direction. My career had been my dream life since I was 14 years old, so if I was to change direction it was important that it was to something that would continue to feed my passions and fill my heart. I did some soul searching and started to reflect upon other areas of my life that I loved and inspired me. What I discovered was.......


Nature, Well-being, Nutrition and Design.  


The question was, how could I combine all these elements into one key role?


One morning I woke up and there it was, clear in my mind - I was to train as a Yoga Teacher, be my own boss and design and build my own studio. I would then go on to create a website of my yoga offerings, nutrition suggestions and well-being ideas. 

By using the tools I had learnt through my personal yoga practice and my ever growing knowledge of nutrition for healing, I began to connect fully with my inner self, becoming consciously aware of who I was and what my body needed in order to stay healthy and fully control my condition.


I am now 48 years old and have never felt better. I am the healthiest, strongest and most flexible I have ever been and I put it down to my clean diet, positive mindset and daily yoga.


Covid-19 is one of many examples that underline the importance of looking after and nurturing your body to create good health, well-being and a strong metabolism. I felt I needed to share my knowledge and to dedicate my life to helping others realise the power of nature and nurture.


I spent 7 months studying ‘The Kaivalya Yoga Method' to become a fully qualified Vinyasa Yoga teacher and, in April 2021, I set up ‘INSPIRE HEALTH & WELL-BEING’.


So, now I help all who seek to improve their general health and well-being through my holistic fusion of: Vinyasa Yoga, Chakra Healing, Breath Work, Meditation and tailored Nutritional Ideas and Recipes.


My powerful system not only creates physical strength and flexibility, it balances stress and anxiety to control the various systems within the body - nurturing it from within and improving overall physical, physiological and mental health.


This transformative method gives you a greater sense of well-being, leaving you uplifted, cleansed and in full control of your body and mind.



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